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Good network design is the core of a quality network. Designing a system which performs consistently with minimal down-time and state-of-the-art technology is what we do best. BTA will consult with you to design a system which will help you to meet your business goals. Our emphasis is always on implementing systems which have excellent support, and automation systems will help to maintain a consistent and trouble-free system for your business.

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In our connected world, cyber-security is a major priority.  BTA provide solutions to protect your data with multiple levels of defense against malicious attacks.  We can provide security awareness training and testing for your team to ensure they are prepared against inevitable cyber-attacks which threaten your business.

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Blueprint Technologies Australia’s Managed Services Program (MSP) is designed to create order within your computing environment. Our MSP  system continually monitors, maintains and reports on your IT systems to ensure maximum availability and productivity.

Our MSP solution is customisable to your IT needs and can provide services such as:

• Problem detection and basic maintenance
• Anti-virus protection and monitoring
• Backup management and offsite replication
• Monitoring and alerting
• Patch and service pack management
• IT asset and inventory management

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